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Article: Nourishing Easter Baskets for Natural Mamas

Nourishing Easter Baskets for Natural Mamas

Nourishing Easter Baskets for Natural Mamas

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Easter, I get so excited about filling my kids’ Easter baskets – until I walk down the Easter aisle at the store and see the options (or this year browsing through the endless online options while we’re sheltered in place)!

Easter should be a time that’s nourishing and life-giving, like spring itself, but the usual offerings are exactly the opposite. I end up spending way more time than I had planned sorting through the clutter to find something I can feel good about giving my boys. So we wanted to help you find ways to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with things that will nourish them – body, heart, and mind!

We compiled a list of some of our favorites so that all you have to do is click and add to cart!

Easter basket ideas

twinkle rollers
SUNSHINE TWINKLE TRIO ROLLER BOTTLES by Whimsy + Wellness These essential oil roller bottles will add some sunshine and sparkle to your child’s Easter basket and give them a good reason to get invested in their own wellness! These 5 ml bottles come in glittery Easter shades of orange and pink, and you have the option of either a glass or gemstone top. Included is a recipe card for Shine, Dream, and Confidence so they can shine on through the rest of the school year. My boys love having their own special blends and being able to roll them on when they need them. 

paint and plant garden
PAINT AND PLANT FLOWER GROWING KIT by Dan&Darci  We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Easter than by planting seeds with your kids and watching new life spring up! This gardening kit has everything you need to create your own little flower garden with Cosmos, Zinnias, and Marigolds (all butterfly-friendly flowers!). It also allows your kids plenty of room for creative expression as they paint their own designs on the planter and markers. Bonus: it’s a STEM-authenticated product!


diffuser bracelets for kids
ADJUSTABLE DIFFUSER BRACELETS by Put On Love Designs These bracelets are a great way for kids to benefit from their essential oils all day! They feature the braid that put us on the map in a faux suede material that’s both durable and stylish. We are suckers for a good pairing, so we’ve got sets as well as singles of our kids’ diffuser bracelets. If you want to really pair it up (and we say go for it!), the Meadow Set and the Sunshine Twinkle Trio roller bottles (above) would look like a million bucks next to each other in an Easter basket.


map of the world poster

It doesn’t matter how young or old your kids are – this giant coloring poster is sure to wow them. It unfolds into a beautifully detailed 45”x31” map that can be colored with crayons, markers, or paints. It will inspire their creativity, give them a sense of world geography, and also has gorgeous illustrations of cultural elements from each part of the world.


smelly face diffusers

These ultra-snuggly characters just so happen to come in Easter colors of pastel pink and green. They are made specially to diffuse your child’s favorite essential oils (or mom’s choice – maybe a little lavender at bedtime?). They are incredibly soft and huggable and easy to use. Your child will love snuggling up to these cute characters!


go find it
GO FIND IT by Amazon

I love finding new ways to encourage my boys to get outside and explore, and there’s nothing better for that than a nature scavenger hunt! Unlike most scavenger hunts, though, this one doesn’t tell you exactly what to find. Instead, each card gives a descriptive word, like “bumpy,” and sends you off to find something that matches that description. You can use it through all four seasons for nature treasure hunts that keep on changing! This is a game you can play on a nature trail, at a park, or in your own backyard.


skinny dipped

Ok, you caught us. This one might be for you, too, mama. But you deserve it, filling up these Easter baskets with things that are truly good for your kids—and things they’ll love! But we’ve also known plenty of kids who will make short work of a bag of these. You can feel sooo much better about these than the typical Easter candy because they use only clean, real ingredients that are non-GMO and gluten-free, and they are low in sugar. What’s not to love? And if you’re the mom who dips into her kids’ Easter stash after they’re asleep, well … we promise we won’t tell.


mini oil bags

Made with four interior compartments that fit all standard essential oil bottles and rollers, these mini bags are lined with vinyl—GENIUS, right? We moms need all the help we can get containing the spills that are just par for the course at this point. These little bags fit perfectly into a backpack or purse – but your child may not want to hide it away! Modern Makerie’s wide selection of chic designs are flaunt-worthy. And we say, Flaunt!


sushi go family game
SUSHI GO CARD GAME by Gamewright

This is a card passing game that is fast-paced and engaging for the whole family! It’s just as fun for grown-ups as it is for kids, so this is a great one to get everyone off their screens for a family game night. The illustrations are super cute, and it will teach your kids strategic thinking and math skills in a simple, engaging way. This game is designed for 2-5 players age 8+.


croquet set yard game

Croquet, anyone? With bright colors and mallets that are a comfortable height for both kids and adults, this set is sure to win points with the whole family. And why not christen your new set by taking it outside as an Easter activity? This game provides hours of outdoor fun for up to six players.


crystal rollers
CRYSTALS by Whimsy + Wellness

As moms, we tend to know just what our kids need, sometimes even before they know. Each of these beautiful crystals comes in its own roller bottle, so you can find a crystal that meets your child’s particular need or would encourage their growth at this time of their life. For example, if you have a child entering the notoriously turbulent middle school years, you might choose amazonite which is the stone for courage and truth and for dispelling negative energy, worry, and fear. Then fill the bottle with an essential oil that pairs with the crystal’s use. Or better yet, encourage your child to think through an intention they want to set for themselves, and find a stone that will help them remember that intention!

affirmation activity cards

As we make our own affirmations, we can encourage our kids to grow in the same healthy practices from a young age! These cards are bright and colorful with fun illustrations to help kids really engage in the practice. They range from simple exercises in self-esteem to ideas for daily affirmations paired with movements so that kids can learn to make affirmations in an interactive way.


Now that you’ve got some nourishing ideas for filling up those baskets – what should you use for the actual basket? So many Easter baskets go to waste after our kids grow up, so how can we limit that waste? Personally, I love to use baskets or cute totes that serve other purposes around my house. Or I’ll buy a basket I’ve needed (like the fabulous basket below from Target) and repurpose it as an Easter basket for a day.


Easter bascket


And that’s it! Easter doesn’t have to become a stressful dumpster dive into bags of junk food and artificial coloring. We can restore the celebration of things that are good and whole and life-giving. We can give our children all the excitement of Easter morning while at the same time nourishing every bit of them. You’ve got this, Mama!

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