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Article: Affirmations with Oil & Gem pairings

Pair your essential oils with affirmations and our gemstone diffuser bracelets

Affirmations with Oil & Gem pairings

Earlier this month I shared with you what affirmations are and how to get started with using them in your daily life (If you missed my post on affirmations 101, check it out here). So this week, I’m taking you to the next step and sharing how I like to make affirmations more fun and memorable than just a yellow post-it note on my medicine cabinet!  


affirmation oil


I have found that pairing my daily affirmation with an oil and gemstone makes them even easier to remember and mentally retrieve throughout the day! 

I’m sure there is some science behind this but basically I find that the smell and the visual stone help as clues to guide me to my affirmation when I need it.

Here’s how I do it:

Step 1: Chose an affirmation

Usually, I have already made my affirmation for the day or week based on the goals I have. It’s nice to have a prepared list pertaining to my goal and have them ready.

But let’s say I haven’t done that. It’s Monday and I’m tired and not focused on work. Using an affirmation like “I am focused and grounded” would be a good one for the day. In fact, use it for the whole week or month. Keep it simple. 


i am focused and grounded


Step 2: Select an oil

So now I have my affirmation “I am focused and grounded” and I find a similar oil. One that would help with focus or grounding. I may grab valor, clarity, or even peppermint. For this affirmation, I’ll choose valor. 

select affirmation oil

Step 3: Select a gemstone

Now I have my affirmation “I am focused and grounded” and valor. Next, I want to choose a gemstone that matches the theme. This may seem like the hardest step and most of you are freezing up right now!  But don’t let it overwhelm you.

Remember when you started with oils and you had no clue when to use lavender and what oil helps with stress. But look how far you’ve come. You got this! 

select a gemstone

So when starting with gemstones just pull out the gemstones you have and choose the one you are drawn too. It can literally be as simple as that! Trust your intuition!

I specifically designed the gemstone affirmation beads to be used WITH daily affirmations, hence the name! So I look for the gemstone that is commonly used for focus and grounding. I instantly think of the Believe set because both the gemstones are in line with my goals of focus and grounding

affirmation with oil

Believe Set:

Fossil Jasper- protection, serenity, mental clarity

Clear Quartz- clarity, energy, creativity

The rest is simple. I drop a few drops of valor in my hand, roll the Believe affirmation beads between my palms with the oil (it will absorb into the tassel) and then say out loud “I am focused and grounded”. 

Throughout the day when I smell the oil and see the beads, I am reminded of my affirmation!

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