Style Guide: Rooted and Renewed for Spring

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In the past, spring has been one of the busiest seasons in my year. With the weather getting warmer, activities are usually racking up on my calendar. But this year, things are different. While I generally love traveling and keeping busy, this spring I—and all of us really—have been given a chance to be rooted in all the good things growing from this place called home. 

The affirmation I invite you to join me in this spring is this: I am happy where I am and ready to rise today! On today’s blog, I wanted to share a couple of the ways I’m reminding myself to stay rooted in this intention.

I am happy where I am and ready to rise today 

The Renew Collection arrived just in time for this spring’s affirmation. The earthen oranges, browns, and purples remind me of the good things that grow from the earth in spring and the good things that can radiate from my own heart when I am rooted. Sunstone is the stone that symbolizes the sun’s energy and strength, so it serves as a reminder that we, too, are strong, energetic, and confident in our current place and circumstances.

Diffuse your essential oils in style!

Another way to stay rooted in my intention is by dressing like I believe it! While I’m a huge fan of sweatpants, sometimes renewing my look with a couple of easy twists can make a huge difference in my confidence as I get to work. I wanted to share some fashion tips and ideas for styling the Renew collection so that you can take your at-home style to the next level.

Take a look!


iris adjustable diffuser bracelet

For the first look, I dressed up this cozy long-sleeved tee with a spark of sunstone and the iris adjustable diffuser bracelet. A bracelet stack and a chambray shirt tied around the waist adds layers that take the outfit up a notch. And here’s something to root in: Girl, you deserve to look good when no one is looking!

Included in this look:


iris adjustable diffuser bracelet

The earthen oranges and pinks of the Radiate beads are both feminine and energetic, pairing with the soft pink tank to highlight my rooted spring affirmation. Fashion tip: knot a loose tank to give it shape.

Included in this look:


iris adjustable diffuser bracelet

A long gemstone necklace is a great way to dress up a simple tank. Can you tell I’m feeling all the confident vibes from the sunstone in the Radiate Set? 

Included in this look:


simple, beautiful necklace and bracelet

Sometimes all it takes to feel rooted and ready to embrace the day is a simple, beautiful necklace and bracelet added to your outfit. Small gestures like this are helpful reminders to yourself that you already are beautiful—now go and radiate it!

Included in this look:


simple, beautiful necklace and bracelet

Who says you can’t be a girl boss in a t-shirt and jeans?! I do a little faux tuck in the front, a back tuck, and cuff the sleeves to make it look put together. With a little coordinating diffuser bracelet, voila! You’re ready to rock it.

Included in this look:

PS- Best essential oil tees and sweaters from The Modern Oil Co and Coffee + Oils

If you’re feeling stuck this spring, remember that the movement under the surface is some of the most important. There’s beautiful growth going on right here in our own hearts!  Let’s dress like it, live like it, and bloom from these good roots.

There’s beautiful growth going on right here in our own hearts!


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