About Us

about us

Hi, friend! If you’re new around here, then welcome to Put on Love Designs — I’m Chelsea — from sunny San Diego and the creator of the original braided essential oil diffusing bracelet.

Thanks so much for stopping by! This little shop has quite literally changed my life and my family’s too. We’re so grateful for your support.

I was first introduced to essential oils as I was gearing up to deliver my firstborn, Everson. Essential oils helped me achieve the delivery of my dreams and they have played a huge role in our lives since.

About put on love designs

I’ll never forget the day Put on Love Designs was born — in a doctor’s office back in 2015.

As the eternal DIYer that I am, I had previously made a braided pacifier clip for Everson’s paci. We had a doctor’s appointment coming up and before the appointment I applied Lavender Essential Oil to the pacifier clip hoping it would help him stay calm. To my surprise he slept through the whole visit! I knew I need to share this idea with other oilers.

What started as just one, simple idea with my paci clip, quickly turned into the business of diffusing essential oils on the go with my wide range of original handmade items — all made with YOU in mind and lots of love.

Essential oils and this shop has allowed me to turn my passion into a family business that is growing day by day. Just a few years ago, as a brand new mom, I could have never imagined this is where I would land — living an oily life, sharing my products with other oilers, and enjoying every second of this community and this ride we call life. This is my labor of love. This is Put on Love Designs.