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About Us


Welcome to Put On Love Designs, where love, light, and beauty intertwine! I'm Brooke, the owner and proprietor of this enchanting venture. However, it's important to recognize and pay tribute to Chelsea, the original creator and first owner of this extraordinary company!

Chelsea's profound love for crystals and essential oils served as the inspiration behind Put On Love Designs, and I am deeply grateful for her vision. As a passionate advocate for the power of crystals and essential oils, I bring my own devotion to infusing love, light, and beauty into every aspect of our creations.

From the mesmerizing energy of crystals to the transformative qualities of essential oils, I am committed to curating exquisite designs that embody their profound essence. Each piece is crafted with meticulous care, reflecting my unwavering belief in the positive impact they can have on our lives.

Together, Chelsea's inspired vision and my unyielding dedication guide us as we explore the limitless possibilities of crystals, essential oils, and the joy of spreading smiles. Join us on this magical journey, where the love, light, and beauty of Put On Love Designs continue to radiate under my guidance, ensuring that each creation serves as a heartfelt reminder of the transformative power within us all.