8 Crystals + Affirmations for the New Year (Plus FREE printable affirmation cards!)

Crystals plus affirmations

The new year is always such a great reminder that life comes with a limitless supply of second chances and fresh starts.

If you, like me, are usually busy chasing your resolutions and goals, it’s so important to remember that seeing our goals through doesn’t mean piling on the pressure. Success happens when we embrace the process, the ups and the downs, the failures and restarts.

Get after it, but take rest when you need it, then keep going.

Affirmation for the new yearIf your goals aren’t realistic, you can set new goals. You can begin again. There’s so much grace for the process, friend!

With that in mind, here are some crystals and affirmations to support your new beginnings and your grace-filled endeavors in the new year! We made these affirmations printable so you can take them into the year with you.

Download your printable affirmations HERE >> 

clear quartz1. CLEAR QUARTZ | intention

Affirmation: I embrace my life’s purpose.

Clear quartz is the best stone for amplifying the intentions you set this year. Find it in the shop!

amazonite2. AMAZONITE | overcoming obstacles and fears

Affirmation: No obstacle can hold me back.

Amazonite lends you a calming power to aid you in overcoming any obstacles or fears holding you back from your goals. Find it in the shop!

fossil jasper diffusing beads

3. FOSSIL JASPER | willpower

Affirmation: Within me is the power I need to reach my goals.

Use fossil jasper to support your willpower when you need to press on! Find it in the shop!

labradorite diffuser necklace

4. LABRADORITE | motivation

Affirmation: I did the hardest part by showing up today, so I will keep on going.

Labradorite is ready to motivate you in your new or renewed endeavors! Find it in the shop! 

Moonstone Affirmation beads

5. MOONSTONE | new beginnings

Affirmation: Each day greets me with a fresh start.

Use moonstone as a reminder that you can always begin again. Find it in the shop!

Black Onyx

6. BLACK ONYX | strength

Affirmation: I am strong enough to try again.

Find the strength you need to try and try again with beautiful black onyx. Find it in the shop!

Sun stone

7. SUNSTONE | confidence

Affirmation: I rise to meet my possibilities.

Bring out your inner confidence with sunstone by your side (or around your wrist). Find it in the shop.

Rose Quartz

8. ROSE QUARTZ | love

Affirmation: I am enough.

Love is always what we need most, so keep rose quartz close to your heart in the new year. Find it in the shop!



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