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Article: Aromatherapy: 7 Essential oil blends for anxiety and panic attacks

Aromatherapy: 7 Essential oil blends for anxiety and panic attacks

Aromatherapy: 7 Essential oil blends for anxiety and panic attacks


Essential Oils for anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks have a wide range of causes and symptoms. From mild anxiety to severe panic attacks. These symptoms can affect a person's quality of life. Whilst it is essential to seek medical advice if you are struggling to cope with these emotions, you may also want to explore some natural ways to support yourself and help to manage your anxiety or panic. 


The “Effects of aromatherapy on anxiety” are well known. There are countless testimonials of how people have used them to help cope with anxiety and even panic attacks. They may offer a regulating action on the nervous system.


So which essential oil properties and actions are we looking for when seeking support from essential oils for symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks?

1. Anxiolytic properties are those which have anxiety reducing effects.

2. Calmative properties have a calming or sedating action. 

3. Nervine/ neurotonic properties have the effect of a tonic on the nervous system. 

4. Sedative properties have a calming or soothing effect on the nervous system 

5. Regulating properties have a balancing effect on the nervous system.


The following essential oils are chosen for their efficacy at working with and supporting the nervous system, especially with the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. 


Citrus reticulata 

A gentle nurturing and calming essential oil. Useful when feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Assists with overthinking, restlessness, anxiety, nervous tension and anxiety.


  • Tonic to the nervous system
  • Calmative


Melissa officinalis

 Supportive action with anxiety, panic and shock. A nurturing essential oil used for hundreds of years for imbalances of the nervous system.


  • Nervine 
  • Calmative



Boswellia serrata/ sacra/ carteri/ thurifera

 Helps deepen the breathing and calm without overly sedating. Often used in spiritual and meditive practices as it helps to clear the mind and supports with anxiety, stress and panic attacks.


  • Tonic to nervous system 


Citrus aurantium var. amara (flos) 

 Powerfully calming, this essential oil is regarded as the ‘rescue remedy’ of the essential oils and has peaceful actions. It is exceptionally supportive for shock, panic, fear, severe anxiety, stress and tension. Blancing action on the autonomic nervous system and probably the most stress-relieving of all essential oils. 


  • Sedative 
  • Nervine 
  • Tonic to the nervous system 
  • Balancing action on the autonomic nervous system


Vetiveria zizanoides

 A calming essential oil for anxiety, stress and tension. Agreat support for overthinking and worry. Grounding in its action. 


  • Sedative (CNS)
  • Tonic to the nervous system 



Lavandula angustifolia

 Lavender essential oil is balancing and regulating for the emotions and nervous system. Relaxing and restorative, a great support when dealing with sysmptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, shock, stress, nervous tension and irritability.


  • Sedative
  • Tonic to the nervous system 
  • Nervine


Santalum album

 Relaxing and restorative actions. Strengthening and emotionally grounding and helps with the connection between mind and body, for those feeling disconnected. Supportive of the parasympathetic nervous system and indicated for anxiety, nervous tension and stress.  


  • Sedative 
  • Tonic to the nervous system 

How to use these essential oils for anxiety and panic relief?

All of the above essential oils are best used regularly during periods of anxiety and panic. Also try to notice when anxious feelings begin and start using early to help prevent anxiety from escalating into panic attacks.  

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Blend

Anxiety relief essential oil diffuser bracelet blend

The essential oils in this diffuser bracelet blend are ideal for use with your oil diffusing bracelet. Inhaling the essential oils from the diffuser whenever you need some anxiety support. Wearing a diffusing bracelet (like these) throughout the day makes this such a convenient way to benefit from the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils whilst you are on the go. Allowing you to get on with your day, whilst managing your anxiety symptoms at the same time. 


This blend of essential oils could offer support with panic attacks as well as anxiety. Nurturing Neroli aka orange blossom is regarded in aromatherapy as the rescue remedy of the essential oils. It’s beautifully floral, comforting aroma, quickly soothes the nervous system and slows down escalating panic. 


Lavender is a classic oil known and regarded for its relaxation and soothing qualities. Often used for sleep support, Lavender oil instills a sense of peace and carves space mentally, amidst the hectic feelings of panic. It can offer a regulating action on the nervous system. 


Strengthening and emotionally grounding Sandalwood with its relaxing and restorative properties, connects the base chakra to crown chakra. Helping with the connection to the body when stuck in the mind during panic. This action is especially useful when the fight or flight reaction kicks in during a panic attack, which can lead to feelings of disconnection and disembodiment. 



Essential oils to diffuse for anxiety relief

This blend of essential oils could offer support with anxiety. Grounding, resinous Frankincense and calming refreshing Mandarin are a wonderful combination for when anxiety and racing thoughts overwhelm the mind. 


The beautiful aroma is refreshing, sweet and resinous. The Frankincense oil grounds the blend energetically as well as aromatically. The actions of these essential oils help to root your mind in the present moment. It’s not surprising then to learn that Frankincense oil is used often in meditative and spiritual practices. One really helpful benefit of Frankincense essential oil is its ability to help deepen the breath, which in turn calms anxiety and slows anxious thoughts.



Essential oil massage blend for anxiety

This blend of essential oils is a wonderful combination, with grounding Vetiver, cheery Melissa and regulating Lavender. With a beautiful, complex aroma, this blend is supportive for anxiety and panic and is balancing to the nervous system.


Using this oil blend in combination with massage, is the ultimate way to benefit from aromatherapy. A true holistic experience. 

Essential oil safety

  • Do not use essential oils internally
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and away from animals
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Use appropriately diluted
  • Use these oils in dilutions less than 3%, 1% for facial use
  • Follow the guidance of the diffusing bracelet when administering your essential oils and avoid contact with the undiluted essential oils on the skin.
  • If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant/ breastfeeding or unsure of suitability in any way, then please consult with your medical professional before using essential oil. 

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