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Article: How to Use Diffuser Jewelry for Daily Love & Healing (+3 New Essential Oil Recipes & Affirmations to Go With Them!)

How to Use Diffuser Jewelry for Daily Love & Healing (+3 New Essential Oil Recipes & Affirmations to Go With Them!)

How to Use Diffuser Jewelry for Daily Love & Healing (+3 New Essential Oil Recipes & Affirmations to Go With Them!)

Essential oils are life-changing, but sometimes keeping up with a diffuser can be a challenge, especially if you’re a busy mom running around the house all day like me! That’s why I love wearing diffuser jewelry every day--it’s a daily reminder of love & healing. 

Essential oils and diffusing jewelry

My sweet customers want to know all the time: how do I use diffuser jewelry? This post has all your answers--plus, I’m gifting you with three new oil recipes and affirmations to go with them. Keep scrolling ;).   

What is Diffuser Jewelry & How Does It Work? 

Diffuser jewelry is jewelry made with some kind of porous material that holds essential oils and allows the scent to slowly diffuse over time. Diffuser jewelry is made from all kinds of different materials, but after years of trial and error, I use primarily two different materials in my shop: faux vegan suede, and crystal gemstones. 

Essential oil diffusing braceletsFaux vegan suede is an amazing material for jewelry and for diffusing. It’s flexible and fits with our beautiful sunny California vibe, it feels great on the skin, and it’s completely vegan. It also holds onto your essential oil’s scent for a long time--usually several days!  

Crystal gemstone bracelets to diffuse essential oil jewelryCrystal gemstones are also fantastic choices for diffuser jewelry (and often, our jewelry has both crystals and faux suede!). Crystals are, of course, beautiful, and come with their own healing impact. When combined with oils? They’re pure magic!  

The crystals I hand-pick for the shop are porous enough to hold onto your essential oil’s scent. The scent doesn’t usually last as long as with faux suede, but I find I don’t mind reapplying daily!  

How Do I Use Diffuser Jewelry? 

Pairing essential oils with your diffusing jewelry1. Choose Your Essential Oils & Inhale Deeply

I love sharing recipes on Instagram, but you can also find some at the end of this post. Or, pick your favorite oil! The sky's the limit. Once you’ve chosen your oil, inhale deeply several times. Ahhhh, so good! 

How to diffuse essential oils on your jewelry2. Roll or Drop 

Roll or drop your oil or blend directly onto your faux suede. Just a few drops is enough! If you want to add oil to your crystals, roll or drop 1-2 drops of your oil or blend directly into your palms, and roll the beads in your hands several times. 

How to pair essential oils with diffusing jewelry3. Wear & Smile 

Your diffuser jewelry will release scent throughout the day--so magical. Remember to take a moment to breathe deeply every time you notice it! 

Do I Need to Wash My Diffuser Jewelry? 

Nope! The oil will naturally evaporate and then you can add a new scent or the same scent. 

How Do I Choose Oils for My Diffuser Jewelry? 

How to choose an essential oil to diffuseChoosing your perfect essential oils is deeply personal, and totally up to you! You can choose oils just because you like how they smell, or you can choose oils based on how you want them to help you heal or feel. 

For example, I love citrusy oils like bergamot and lime, but I also need the motivation help these days! Pairing bergamot, lime, peppermint, and basil works great for me

How Can I Pair My Diffuser Jewelry With Affirmations? 

Positive affirmations and essential oilsI LOVE using affirmations with my diffuser jewelry. An affirmation (or an intention) is just a positive truth to speak over yourself. Our minds are so powerful, and speaking positive things helps to focus our minds and hearts so that we live with purpose. 

In this video, you can see how I arrive at my affirmation for the day, and how I used essential oils with it. 

When you slip on your bracelet or your necklace for the day, speak an affirmation as you inhale the scent of your oil.  

3 Essential Oil Recipes + Affirmations Just for You! 

You can drop these oils directly onto your suede or palm as explained above, or add them to a roller bottle to make daily application even easier. I hope you love them!  

Essential oil blend and affirmation for love and kindnessLove & Kindness

1 drop lavender + 1 drop frankincense 

Affirmation: I am kind to myself 

Essential oil blend and affirmation for sunshine and hapinessSunshine & Happiness 

1 drop grapefruit + 1 drop bergamot + 1 drop lime 

Affirmation: Today I smile 

Essential Oil blend and affirmation for inner peaceInner Peace 

1 drop Roman chamomile + 1 drop cedarwood 

Affirmation: I am grounded and secure 

Click on the Pin icon in the upper left corner of each photo to Pin these affirmations and blends to save them for later! 

XO, Chelsea

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