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Article: Wearing Crystals: Part 2

Wearing Crystals: Part 2

Wearing Crystals: Part 2


6 different crystels
Haylee and Chelsea here again. We recently launched our bracelets by feeling collection, and lots of you had more questions about crystals. So, we’re here to answer them! Consider this post Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wearing Crystals. We’re covering: 


  • How crystals can help with your feelings 
  • How crystals work, and why wearing them can help 
  • How to pair oils with your bracelets 
  • How to choose your new or next bracelet 
wearing crystels

Ready? Let’s jump in! 

How Our New Collection Can Help With Your Feelings 

We don’t have to tell you there’s a lot going on in the world right now--and most of us are experiencing some big feelings at all time highs. As women who love natural wellness, we are grateful for the way essential oils calm our highs, lift our lows, comfort us, help us sleep, bring us joy, and keep us healthy


beautiful and unique crystels


We first fell in love with crystals because they are GORGEOUS. You can’t help but want to hold and touch them--they still make us smile, even after all this time! But as we began to learn more about them and as we began to use them, we realized they were so much more than pretty decorations

They can help with setting intentions and speaking affirmations over ourselves so that we experience things like: 

  • Better sleep
  • Increased or calmer energy 
  • Enhanced creativity 
  • Emotional healing 
  • Increased understanding and empathy in relationships 


pink crystal in bracelet


Can Crystals Really Heal? 

Sometimes crystals get a weird rap for the role they play in occult or New Age practices, but the truth is, crystals are as natural as any tree or butterfly (or essential oil), and formed by the earth itself.  

Crystals are believed to have healing energy, but probably not in the way you normally think of healing. Crystals’ atoms are held together in these remarkable patterns that have really strong bonds. Those bonds make the crystal’s energy extremely stable. 

So stable, in fact, that crystals are used frequently in all kinds of watches and electronics. In fact, you’re probably viewing this post on some kind of screen made with liquid crystals! 

3 beautiful beads wearing
Better Energy, Greater Alignment

Many believe that a crystal’s energy can influence our energy, helping to bring it into wholeness and alignment. Over time, people have understood that different crystals also impact specific emotional states or intentions, and this common body of knowledge has often been passed down for hundreds of years--many of our ancient ancestors used crystals for all kinds of healing! 

necklace beads

If You’re Smiling, You’re Winning! 

Whether or not you believe crystals’ energies impact your own, what’s hard to argue with is how crystals’ beauty can impact your mood or emotional state. Most of our customers love having crystals around--they’re reminders of beauty, symbols of what matters in people’s lives, and invitations to walk in love, joy, and wholeheartedness. 

They make us smile and form connections to each other--and that’s our favorite kind of wellness! 

How Do People Get Started With Crystals? 

One of the reasons we made these bracelets is because so many of you are new to crystals, and have asked us for an easy way to get started. 

Do you remember beginning your essential oil journey? You were probably super overwhelmed by all the different oils and recipes, right? It wasn’t until you just jumped in that you began to learn more about what you liked (and didn’t like), and how oils could help you. 

Haylee’s crystal journey was just like her oil journey--overwhelming at first, but now she can’t imagine my life without crystals for herself and her family. 

We’ve also found that bracelets like these make great conversation starters about essential oils and wellness in general. When you’re wearing a bracelet that looks beautiful and smells amazing, you’re bound to get a few questions! 

pure white bracelet beads
What are the Benefits of Wearing Crystals? 

Crystals can be used in tons of different ways: 

  • Place several on shelves throughout your house, so you’ll see them throughout the day 
  • Hold one while you meditate or practice deep breathing 
  • Slip a small one into your pocket to carry with you throughout the day 
  • Wear one (or more)! 

Wearing crystals is our favorite, for a few reasons. The first is that crystal jewelry is beautiful! It’s easy to pair with everything from t-shirts + jeans to glam looks, and because each crystal is unique, each piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind. We love that crystals allow you to express yourself effortlessly.


beautiful collection wearing of beads bracelet


Jewelry like these crystal bracelets, however, also brings the healing power of crystals directly to your body. 

You’re wearing a tangible reminder of your connection to the world around you and of your healing intention--whether it’s love, happiness, motivation, or whatever else you choose. That skin-to-skin contact is powerful and life-changing. 

transparent beads
How Do I Choose a Crystal? 

Most crystal experts will tell you that your body knows which crystals you need. When you feel drawn to a crystal, or hold one in your hand and feel love or joy, that’s a sign that your body needs that crystal’s healing energy. So, you can absolutely just trust your intuition and pick the bracelet that makes your eyes light up! 

You can also choose crystals by intention or healing energy. Most of us have an area of our life that needs extra support, and that’s why we created the bracelets by feeling collection! You can choose a bracelet for: 

  • Increased happiness and joy 
  • Better motivation or creativity 
  • More energy for when you’re tired or dealing with something difficult 
  • A better ability to handle stress 
  • A deeper sense of calm and peace 
  • Enhanced confidence 
  • Deeper connections and empathy, either with other people or yourself

Crystals are powerful--especially when combined with carefully chosen essential oils. 

purple beads in necklace

The first thing you should do with your bracelets is set an affirmation or intention. You can do this once, when you unbox your bracelets and slip them on for the first time, or you can do this daily. 

As you wear your crystals, allow them to remind you of this affirmation or intention every time you see them. Repeat your affirmation or intention out loud or to yourself whenever you see your bracelets. 

You can also use your bracelet to practice mindfulness. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How do these crystals feel against my skin? 
  • How does the oil, diffusing on my bracelet, smell? 
  • How is my heart? 
  • How is my mind? 
  • How is my body? 

These are powerful mindfulness exercises that your bracelet can walk you through each day. 

As you use your bracelets to create intentions and affirmations, they can become powerful symbols. If you’re walking through a difficult season in your life, for example, you might picture rose quartz’s loving energy surrounding you, so that you’re free to walk in hope instead of bitterness. 

beautiful square golden beads

How Do Crystals and Essential Oils Work Together? 

Because you can add essential oils to the faux suede the bracelets are made from, you’re able to combine the healing power of crystals with the healing power of essential oils. 

The suede holds the oil’s aroma really well--usually for a few days--and you can drop your favorite oils straight from your oil bottles, or from an oil dropper recipe you’ve mixed up. 

You can even roll oils onto your faux suede straight from a favorite roller bottle blend! 

You can wear multiple bracelets at a time (here’s a great post on creating your own arm stack). 

When the scent runs out, simply reapply your favorite oils--no need to wash or rinse your bracelet. This allows you to extend the life of your oils and bring your oils with you wherever you go (even if you can’t be around a diffuser). Plus, the suede holds the oil’s aroma longer than your skin will.  

How Do I Choose My Bracelet? 

You can choose the bracelet you feel the most drawn to, or you can simply start with the emotion or intention you want to set. Are you trying to find a routine and order in the midst of pandemic life? You might start with our motivation bracelet, made with labradorite. Labradorite is full of creativity and wonder; in fact, it was first discovered in Northern Canada, where native peoples believed it came straight from the northern lights! 

silver beads

We can’t blame them--labradorite is stunning! Every time you look down at your wrist, you’ll be inspired. And if you use the recommended blend of peppermint and basil, you’ll also benefit from these oils’ focus-enhancing properties!  

papermint and basil bracelet

How Do I Choose Essential Oils to Pair With My Crystals? 

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for pairing crystals and essential oils. It’s important that you feel educated and empowered to choose your own--especially because you are so unique! We’ve included ideas for oil pairing for each bracelet, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and try your own combinations. 

However you decide to wear and use your new bracelets, we want to know what you think. Don’t forget to take a photo and share it on Instagram and tell us what you’re wearing and how it’s impacting you--we want to know!!

essential oils for crystals

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