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Kid Diffuser Bracelet Information

Kid sizes can be tricky, so it’s always best to measure the child’s wrist. Our bracelets are meant to be worn flush against the wrist to prevent excess stretching. They will naturally stretch with wear.

Below is a guide to help you decide what size you need. Use the child’s wrist measurement (or add a centimeter) as their size for the best best fit.

Kids Size Chart
Child XS: Infant 12 Centimeters
Child S: 1- 5 years old 13 Centimeters
Child M: 4-10 years old 14 Centimeters
Child L: 8- Teen 15 Centimeters

Follow the steps below to get the perfect measurement.
  1. Measure the wrist with a flexible tape measure or piece of string (even dental floss will work) just below the wrist bone, where the bracelet would be worn.
  2. Use a centimeter ruler to measure the length of the string. This is the wrist size.
  3. Now, take the wrist size and add a centimeter and apply it to the chart above. This will be the comfort fit, or if you prefer a snug fit order the same size as the wrist measurement.