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Article: The Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection

There is nowhere on earth I’d rather be than sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, with a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand.

the coastal collection

That’s why I am sooo excited to finally share this collection with you! For months I’ve been dreaming about it, creating mood boards, and treasure-hunting every single piece to curate a collection that is meant to send you to that tranquil ocean paradise. Girl, this might just be my favorite collection ever!

coastal collection in colors

These items are GORGEOUSLY versatile, so you can use them to dress up your everyday style or wear them on future trips to the coast! Whether it’s your footsteps or your mind that are wandering to the beach these days, these little beauties are ready to wander with you.

Gorgeously versatile necklaces

A. Clear Quartz Half Moon Necklace: I found this mid-length beauty in Tucson and immediately went starry-eyed. This understated statement necklace can easily dress up an outfit, and like the good friend that it is, clear quartz will go along with anything! Once we’re flying off to our favorite beach locations again, this would be the perfect accent on a moonlit beach night in that dress you’ve been dying to wear. 

B. The Satellite Choker: This dainty little piece can be dressed up by layering with a longer necklace, like the Clear Quartz Half Moon below, or worn casually with a tank top (on the beach soon, please, dear God?).

C. Medallion Necklace: My absolute favorite piece—I’ve worn this almost every single day since I found her. This sunny little babe has got a story to tell! I had this piece in mind when I went to a local gem show with my mom and sister last year. I knew exactly what I was looking for and wouldn’t stop digging until I found it. I know it’s ironic that it took a treasure hunt to find a medallion! We searched for hours through miles of tables full of saucer-sized trays, looking through every slot on those trays for this exact piece. My family may have thought I was crazy when I passed over dozens of coins and suns and other round tokens in search of this, but I would not compromise my vision—and here she is in all her glory, now specially made for us by another small business. Wear her with anything. She is a 24/7 knockout.

Abalone Shell Necklace

D. Abalone Shell Necklace: This piece is meant to bring you the tranquility of watching the waves wash up on the shore. The abalone shell comes straight from the sea and is a symbol of tranquility and emotional balance. Let it grace any summer outfit, or take it with you for a day on the beach!

E. Sun + Sea + Sand Metallic Slider Set: Simple and beautiful, this set can easily be worn alone or layered with an affirmation bead set and a gemstone slider (such as the agate slice below) to make your perfect stack. The muted colors of this set were inspired by a misty morning on the coast.

F. Mother of Pearl Slider (gold and silver): With this bracelet, you get calming neutrals with a touch of glam. Mother of Pearl comes from the ocean and is said to hold the healing properties of the sea, so breathe in that healing calm and relaxation as you rock this beauty.

gold and silver bracelets

G. Agate Slice Slider (gold and silver): Find the Pacific Northwest vibes with this girl. This bracelet makes a statement without being extra about it. Its natural, subdued texture makes it easy to wear and lovely to look at.

H. Clarity Affirmation Set (gold and silver): This mix of clear and opaque gemstones in natural colors is reminiscent of the glitter of sea glass. And they go with absolutely anything! The crystals in this set—clear quartz, white jade, and labradorite—can be used for clearing the mind of negativity and crystallizing thoughts, creativity, and inspiration.
White Jade- healing, blocks negative energy
Labradorite- inspiration, mental sharpness
Clear Quartz- energy, amplifies intent

I. Keychains (Blush White Druzy and Faun Dalmatian Jasper): A flirty, feminine accessory for going out. You can choose between the chic white druzy with blush tassel or the dalmatian jasper, one of my favorite stones because of its unique and playful look. Or get both if you can’t decide! Both come with a flirty tassel in faux suede for all-day diffusing on the go. Road trip along the coast, anyone?

The Coastal Collection will be available on Thursday, May 21st at 10 AM PST. Sign up for a text alert at launch time here.

XO, Chelsea


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