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Article: Bohemian Summer Collection: Coming Soon!

Bohemian Summer Collection: Coming Soon!

Bohemian Summer Collection: Coming Soon!

A collection inspired by the textures and tones of the Mexican Pacific

The Bohemian Summer Collection: Stunning Essential Oil Diffusing JewelryMeet our new collection! This collection comes from a lot of love and a lot of dreaming in collaboration with my dear friend, Haylee, over at Whimsy & Wellness. To finally put these beauties into your hands is to see our dreams come true!

The Bohemian Collection: Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

The Bohemian Summer collection features moody colors and textures drawn from the Mexican shore and slow, meandering nights in one of my favorite towns, Todos Santos. We incorporated gemstones that give us that dreamy summer vibe and curated diffuser blends to pair with some of these unique pieces (see below!).

The Bohemian Summer Collection: Essential Oil Diffusing JewelrySo follow us to a place where whitewashed walls are drenched in a coral sunset, where the sky is clear and the moon is bright, and your heart shines with that same clarity and love.

The Bohemian Summer CollectionThe Bohemian Collection: Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry for SummerA. Ocean Set: Two metallic sliders in warm tans and golds accent the sea green of the Amazonite affirmation beads. Amazonite crystals have a soothing effect and can be used to dispel worry and fear and to enhance courage and love.

Amazonite = courage • truth • love

Diffuse- roman chamomile + frankincense

B. Cowrie Shell Bracelet: This bracelet’s monotone hue, from the adjustable band to the cowrie’s smooth curves, lends this classic shell an elevated status. You can easily wear this piece alone for a simple, feminine look, or layer it with the Ocean Set for a more boho-chic style.  

C. Amazonite Necklace: The deep turquoise, light sea green, and foamy whites of the ocean meet in this romantic, drop-shaped necklace. Amazonite is associated with the heart chakra, so wearing this stone as a necklace close to the heart enhances its soothing properties.

The Bohemian Collection: Essential Oil Diffusing JewelryD. Blue Agate Necklace: If you could take a slice of the ocean from the top and put that slice into a necklace, you’d get this dreamy girl. The gorgeous, moody blues of this piece were a favorite during our one-of-a-kind sale, and since I only had one to share, I went back and found more! This summer I finally get to share it with you—but I don’t expect it to hang around the shop long!

E. Keychain Restock (Blush Druzy & Fawn Dalmatian Jasper): The sunset and shadow shades of these keychains are feminine and romantic and give me all the Todos Santos twilight vibes. Both come with a flirty tassel in faux suede for all-day diffusing on the go.

F. Braided Diffuser Bracelets (Ocean & Midnight Blue): Our classic braided diffuser bracelet now comes in two new colors! These dreamy shades of blue were inspired by the night sky.

The Bohemian CollectionG. New Moon Affirmation Set (Gold & Silver): This shimmering set puts the romance of the moon and stars around your wrist. Each moonstone bracelet comes with a moon charm and a tassel for diffusing.

Moonstone = intuition • new beginnings • inspiration

Diffuse rose + vetiver

H. Passion Affirmation Set (in Rose Gold): Sunset hues enhance the romantic vibe of this bracelet set, with polished pink coral to bring you the peace of a calm, clear seascape. 

Pink Coral = love • peace • compassion

Diffuse jasmine + sandalwood

 I. Sea + Sky Gold Foil Labels: Keep the bohemian summer mood going with these roller bottle stickers, perfect to dress up any roller bottles you have or grab some from Whimsy & Wellness.

Free gift: Amazonite tumbled stone

Every purchase from the Bohemian Summer collection comes with the free gift of an Amazonite tumbled stone. Be sure to add it to your cart and it will magical become FREE! *while supplies last

The Bohemian Summer Collection will be available on Thursday, July 23rd at 10 AM PST. Sign up here for a text alert at launch time!

XO, Chelsea

The sky is clear, the moon is bright


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