Beginners Guide to Wearing Crystals

When it comes to gemstones, we’re kind of obsessed. And it’s not hard to see why

Our gemstone collections have proven to be some of your (and our) favorites, but maybe you’re wondering how to use your gemstone jewelry – besides taking your outfit to the next level, of course. Well, we’re here to help!


Gemstones are positive reminders of affirmations you want to set.

If you’ve been around the blog, you may remember our recent post about daily affirmations. Well, friend, gemstones are the perfect tangible reminder of the affirmations and intentions you set for yourself! Each gemstone has unique uses associated with it, so you can pick a gemstone that supports the affirmation you’ve chosen.

For example, rose quartz is the stone for love and relationships. Most love stones are pink or red, colors that are already associated with love in our minds.


So if I’ve set an intention to be loving and nurturing to my kids, or if my affirmation is “I am kind and loving to my husband,” I might slip on my rose quartz gemstone slider, and suddenly I have a visual reminder of my intention that I’m taking with me throughout my day! 

Gemstones are just plain beautiful!

It almost goes without saying, but gemstones are GORGEOUS! They pair with almost anything. A gemstone necklace or a bracelet stack can easily go from day to night and adds a pop of pretty to any style. 

But the beauty of gemstones can also serve us internally. Studies have shown that when we look at something beautiful, we actually become more present in that moment. We’re suddenly enjoying what’s right in front of us instead of thinking about our to-do lists or what we’re doing next.


When I slip on a bracelet made of clear quartz beads, I find myself breathing a sigh of happy stillness and intention every time I see it on my wrist.

Our gemstones are easy to wear.

Because we put gemstones into necklaces and bracelets, you get the benefits of the crystals in the most convenient way! Instead of having to hold them in your hand or keep them on your desk, you actually take them with you, fashionably settled on your arm or around your neck. You get the benefits all day long!

Gemstones pair well with essential oils.

All of our gemstone products, like everything we make, are made for diffusing oils. There are so many oils and gemstones that were practically made for each other! 

You can also easily pair a gemstone and an oil that ties to your affirmation. Then you have a reminder of your affirmation coming at you through two of your senses! 

For example, if your affirmation is “I am confident,” you can wear the Believe Affirmation Bead Set and pair it with an essential oil like bergamot or cedarwood. Then all day you see a visual reminder of your affirmation on your wrist as you breathe an aroma that promotes that same intention!


Here are three of the most popular and most wearable crystals. You can find each of them in many different forms in our shop!

1. Rose Quartz

If you’re looking for a good place to start with crystals, rose quartz (the stone of love) is the perfect starting point.


2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is incredibly versatile and protects against negativity and you can’t go wrong wearing it as an affirmation bead set. 


3. Amethyst

This is a great overall stone for protection and balance and it lends a beautiful pop of color as a rank bracelet that can be stacked with almost anything!

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of crystals, or you’re ready for a deep dive, we’re here for you and we’re excited for you! Just remember that using gemstones is all about renewing and healing, so set a positive intention and find the gemstones that will serve you on your journey there.



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