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Article: Beautiful You: a line of giftable gemstone necklaces to meet you where you are

Beautiful You: a line of giftable gemstone necklaces to meet you where you are

Beautiful You: a line of giftable gemstone necklaces to meet you where you are

This collection is all about celebrating your unique beauty and showering the women you love with a celebration of their beauty, too!

Giftable gemstone necklaces for her.

I selected specific gemstones to celebrate some of the inner gifts that make women like you and me radiant.

These faceted gemstones come with a variety of chain color and style options, so find the stone and the style that meets you, or gift them to your BFF, your mom, your tribe … or all of the above! These beauties are ready to meet you where you are and reflect your inner beauty back to you and the world.

dairty diffuser

With this line I’m super excited to introduce the NEW Dainty Diffuser! I’ve been working on this smaller diffuser design for over a year now, and it fits just right to counterbalance the gemstone charm on the Beautiful You necklaces. You’ll also find smaller clasps on these pieces and any future piece with the Dainty Diffuser necklace extender.

Bonus: I’ve included some oil blends that pair with each gemstone necklace, so don’t hesitate to get diffusing! Or better yet, give these necklaces together with a roller bottle of the blend as a gift to those women in your life whose beauty you want to hold the mirror to.

Friend, there is no woman on earth more beautiful than you just being yourself! Here’s looking at Beautiful You!

Black Onyx diffusing necklace for strengthBlack Onyx | Strength: For those rock solid babes in your life, and those who need a reminder that the waves of life might batter but will never bring them down. Available in 4 variations: regular gold, satellite gold, regular silver, and satellite silver.

diffusing blend for strengh.Diffuse: 3 drops orange + 3 drops patchouli + 3 drops vanilla

Affirmation: “My strength is greater than any struggle.”

Dalmation Jasper essential oil diffusing necklace to uplift. Dalmatian Jasper | Uplift: This pretty, speckled stone is ready to lift your spirits or gift to someone who has always been there to lift them for you! Available in 2 variations: regular gold and satellite gold.

Uplifting essential oil blend. Diffuse: 3 drops grapefruit + 2 drops lemon + 2 drops ylang-ylang

Affirmation: “I am positive, and I attract positivity.”

Rose Quartz - the gemstone of love. Rose Quartz | Love: If there’s anything the world could always use more of, it’s love! Give love to yourself and others with this gorgeous rose quartz. Available in 5 variations: regular gold, satellite gold, regular silver, satellite silver, and rose gold.

bring me

Diffuse: 6 drops ylang-ylang + 3 drops patchouli + 2 drops orange

Affirmation: “I am worthy of love, and I affirm that worthiness in others.”

Howlite essential oil diffusing necklace for inner calm. Howlite | Calming: This beautiful marbled charm is for the seasons (or years – 2020, am I right?!) when you need to pause, take a breath, and return to that deep calm within. Available in 3 variations: regular gold, satellite gold, and rose gold.

calm me

Diffuse: 2 drops cedarwood + 2 drops frankincense + 2 drops Roman chamomile

Affirmation: “I release my fears and make room for peace.”

Sunstone- the gemstone of confidence. Sunstone | Confidence: Sunstone is there to remind you to walk proud in your own skin and makes a great gift for all the women in your life you think deserve to walk confidently in theirs. Available in three variations: regular gold, satellite gold, and rose gold.

confident me

Diffuse: 5 drops sweet orange + 3 drops ginger + 3 drops cedarwood + 1 drop jasmine

Affirmation: “I have everything I need within me.”

quote for girls


In loveee with all of these. I gifted the Sunstone rose gold one to my mom for her birthday and she’s worn it everyday since. I see why it’s called the stone of confidence because how could you NOT feel confident with this beauty around your neck!


These are absolutely beautiful 😍 I am in love with the silver with the rosary style necklace, I would love to purchase one


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