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Surprise Imperfect Box

Sale price$12.00 Regular price$58.00

If you haven't noticed we have extremely high standards around here and if an item isn't absolutely PERFECT then it doesn't make the cut. But considering so many of our items are gemstones or handmade, there are bound to be variations and these beautiful products still deserve a home! 

These surprise items are still breathtaking but may have slight imperfections. The box ranges in value from $36-$58 but you can snag one for $12!! Like WHAT? 

The reasons they are considered imperfect may be because of slight discoloration in a gemstone stone, a scratch on the engraved charm or the gemstone was just too different from the rest of the bunch. 

If ordering multiple surprise boxes you may receive duplicate items. We will try our best to give you a variety or items but this may not always be possible.

*All sales are final. No exchanges allowed.