Mystery Bracelet

$5 $12


For when you just can’t decide! Our new mystery bracelet is one metallic slider or affirmation bead at a major discount. And I’m so excited about this get to select gold, silver or rose gold (!!) How fun is that?!


  • You will receive 1 affirmation bracelet or 1 metallic slider
  • Choose between gold, silver or rose gold

Affirmation Bead Bracelet

  • Small, round gemstone beads strung on elastic cord with gold, silver or rose gold plated brass accent beads and charm
  • One size fits most- 17.5 cm when unstreched
  • Place a drop of oil on your palm and roll the beads between your hands while setting your intentions for the day.

Metallic Slider

  • Adjustable for achieving the perfect fit
  • Gold, silver or rose gold plated brass accent strung on faux suede
  • Bracelet extends out to 9"
  • One size fits all
  • Unique faux suede material to diffuse essential oils for hours

If ordering multiple mystery bracelets you may receive duplicate items. We will try our best to give you a variety or items but this may not always be possible.

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