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Heishi Bracelet- Gold Stone and Silver beads

Sale price$12.00

 Elevate your style with our Goldstone Heishi Bracelet. Expertly handcrafted, each shimmering goldstone heishi bead exudes a captivating sparkle reminiscent of a starry night's sky. Embrace the energy of ambition and positivity that goldstone represents while making a subtle yet radiant statement that effortlessly complements any outfit. This bracelet is more than just jewelry; it's a symbol of inspiration and confidence, perfect for adding a touch of celestial charm to your look.



  • One size fits most- 7 inches when unstretched
  • Place a drop of oil on your palm and roll the beads between your hands while setting your intentions for the day.

*Please note that each gemstone is a product of nature and variations in size and color may occur. These differences and variations, which may not be reflected in the photos, should be considered the beauty of natural stone.