HAPPINESS | Moonstone Sunstone Crystal Bracelet Stack Set
HAPPINESS | Moonstone Sunstone Crystal Bracelet Stack Set
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HAPPINESS | Moonstone Sunstone Crystal Bracelet Stack Set

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The New Moonstone and Sunstone bracelet set includes moonstone and sunstone crystal gemstones in natural colors reminding you of shimmering moonlight and the warm rays of happiness. And they go with absolutely anything!

Moonstone, by its very name, has been connected to the moon and to the subconscious and unconscious. Beneath the soft gleaming surface of moonstone surges a deeper, lovelier beauty: a white "moon" that rolls over the stone when it rotates.

Sunstone gemstone has a special history in the United States, where sunstone varieties called "heliolite" have been mined in Oregon.  Since "sun" is in this gemstone's name, it's no surprise sunstone is associated with the radiance of the sun and the energy it produces to sustain life

Each set of Affirmation Beads features 2 dainty natural gemstone bracelets and a natural braided faux suede bracelet in blush pink color.  They are perfect to use with daily affirmations and essential oils.


  • Small, round 4 mm gemstone beads strung on elastic cord
  • One size fits most- 17.5 cm when unstretched 
  • Place a drop of oil on your palm and roll the beads between your hands while setting your intentions for the day.

Moonstone || Love ☼ Peace ☼ Compassion

Sunstone || Joy ☼ Leadership ☼ Confidence 

Diffuse: Rose, Cypress, Lavender, Vetiver, Bergamot

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