Feelings Collection


These bracelets have real, genuine, beautiful, tiny pieces of the earth [aka gemstones] on them alongside faux suede which acts as a diffuser when you apply 1-2 drops of your fave oil to it! All my favorite things in one bracelet.⁠

⁠We heard that you had a hard time choosing which crystal you needed or should wear, so we made the feelings collection. A super easy [and fun!] way to choose which bracelet to wear.⁠ If you're having a hard time choosing a favorite, check out this BLOG post. 

Choose from the following options for your one size fits most adjustable bracelet:

Focus • Clear Quartz
Diffuse Lemon + Rosemary
Love • Rhodochrosite ⁠
Diffuse Ylang Ylang + Orange⁠
⁠Happiness • Citrine⁠
Diffuse Grapefruit + Geranium⁠
⁠Motivation • Labradorite⁠
Diffuse Peppermint + Basil⁠
⁠Energy • Garnet⁠
Diffuse Orange + Nutmeg⁠
⁠Stress • Amazonite⁠
Diffuse Lavender + Cedarwood⁠
Calm • Amethyst⁠
Diffuse Frankincense + chamomile⁠
⁠Confidence • Sunstone⁠
Diffuse Lemon + Neroli⁠

  • Features 4mm round gemstone beads on a flexible wire
  • Diffusing faux suede band
  • Slide bead for adjusting size
  • Bracelet extends out to 9"
  • Gold, silver and rose gold plated brass accents
  • Add a drop of your favorite oil directly onto any part of the suede to diffuse essential oils for hours

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