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Black Quartz and lava stone diffusing bracelet

Sale price$14.00

The Black Quartz and lava stone bracelet exudes an air of mystique and elegance, combining the dark allure of Black Quartz gemstones with the rugged charm of lava stones. The Black Quartz beads, with their deep black color and mesmerizing inclusions, promote protection and grounding while enhancing inner strength. Paired with the porous and textured lava stones, this bracelet becomes a versatile essential oil diffuser, infusing empowering scents and encouraging a balanced sense of calm and focus.

Pair with Cedarwood: With its warm and woody aroma, cedarwood essential oil complements the bracelet's grounding qualities and promotes a sense of stability and strength.


  • Our 8mm Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet is made with Volcanic Lava Stone that holds oils longer for lasting scents.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion!

Size: 7 inches (17 cm) long with an elastic band that fit most wrists