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It's Your Time To Bloom. 

Celebrate all things in life with the inviting beauty of gemstones daily. Implement our custom curated Bloom Collection into your stacked bracelet look or wear these ultra-durable crystal bracelets throughout the year.  We have one for each season. 

Comes in 9 different Gemstones colors along with ten Black Lava Stones in each bracelet to hold your oils longer. 


The Bloom Collection

Please consider each distinctive keepsake crystal for your jewelry collection:

White Howlite:


  • Diffuse Cedarwood + Frankincense 


  • Diffuse Frankincense + chamomile⁠


  • Diffuse Lavender + Cedarwood⁠

Snowflake Obsidan

  • Diffuse Geranium + Cedarwood⁠


  • Diffuse Lemon + Neroli

Tiger's Eye

  • Diffuse Lavender + Sandalwood


  • Diffuse Geranium + Cedarwood


  • Diffuse Lavender + Patchouli 


  • Diffuse Lavender + Chamomile 


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