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African Turquoise and lava stone diffusing bracelet

Sale price$14.00

he African Turquoise and lava stone bracelet showcases a harmonious blend of earthy charm and captivating allure. The African Turquoise beads, with their mesmerizing teal and brown hues, evoke a sense of growth and transformation, encouraging positive change and personal development. Paired with the porous and textured lava stones, this bracelet becomes a versatile essential oil diffuser, infusing empowering scents while fostering a balanced and grounded state of mind.

Pairs well with Sandalwood: Known for its meditative and grounding scent, sandalwood oil fosters a deeper connection to inner wisdom and spiritual growth.


  • Our 8mm Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet is made with Volcanic Lava Stone that holds oils longer for lasting scents.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion!

Size: 7 inches (17 cm) long with an elastic band that fit most wrists