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Article: Aromatherapy: 3 Natural Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Aromatherapy: 3 Natural Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Aromatherapy: 3 Natural Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits

Bergamot essential oil offers a fresh, bright and uplifting aroma. It is classed aromatically as a top note and blends well with many other oils including woody, spicy, floral and other citrus essential oils. Interestingly, Bergamot is responsible for the distinctive flavoring of Earl Grey tea.


The essential oil is expressed from the peel of the inedible Bergamot Orange, which originates and is still mainly produced in Italy.


Overall Bergamot essential oil has balancing and regulating actions on many of the bodily systems. 


Benefits For The Nervous System


Bergamot essential oil is a fantastic choice when looking for support with the nervous system. It offers the following benefits;


  1. A regulating and balancing effect on the nervous system. It is usefully neither too energizing nor too sedating and therefore indicated for use when nervous system symptoms cause either hyperactivity and restlessness or sluggishness and exhaustion. Bringing these manifestations into a more balanced state. 


  1. A refreshing and uplifting action, which can help with loss of motivation caused by emotional imbalances. Also where chronic fatigue states have depleted the spirit.


  1. Its balancing action can prove beneficial with supporting fluctuations in mood.


  1. Offering a supportive action for the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and tension. Encouraging emotional balance and regulation and nervous system regulation.


  1. Can be used in sleep blends to help with poor and disturbed sleep and nightmares. 


Bergamot Blends For Nervous System Support

 bergamot for nervous system

This blend of essential oils work well in combination to help support the nervous system. 


Ylang Ylang 

Cananga odorata 


Aromatically offers a deep base note to this blend, which is grounding and relaxing. It is another oil that works well with the nervous system, encouraging deep relaxation with its sedative properties. At the same time it is powerfully uplifting as well as calming. The combination of the Ylang Ylang and Bergamot compliment one another with both being uplifting and calming to the nervous system at the same time. Ylang Ylang is a tonic to the nervous system.


French (Sweet) Marjoram 

Origanum marjorana 


Aromatically a middle note that brings the notes of the other two essential oils together in harmony. French Marjoram is complementary to Bergamot essential oil. It is a relaxing oil with sedative and tonic properties for the nervous system. 


Benefits For The Immune And Respiratory System


Bergamot essential oil is a very useful oil to use for support with the immune and respiratory systems. It offers the following benefits;


  1. Is known for its immune stimulant aromatherapeutic properties. Bergamot essential oil is a perfect choice to reach for when you first notice respiratory symptoms at the start of a cold, flu or infection.


  1. A tonic to the immune systems, which offers support in the management of compromised immunity conditions and for the condition ME/CFS.


  1. Regarded as a tonic to the immune system.


Bergamot Blends For Immunity And Respiratory Support

bergamot for diffuser bracelet

This blend of essential oils work well in combination to help support the immune and respiratory systems. 



Eucalyptus globulus 


Eucalyptus globulus is strongly antimicrobial and is a respiratory tonic. It offers immune and respiratory stimulant, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Ideal to use at the onset of infections. 


It also has antiviral, expectorant, decongestant and mucolytic properties for the respiratory system and is a well known oil to use to help support with respiratory related symptoms. 



Cedrus atlantica 


Cedarwood atlas is a gentle essential oil with a woody base note. This strengthening and tonifying oil is a tonic to the immune and respiratory systems. It also offers mucolytic and expectorant properties which are beneficial for catarrh, coughs and other respiratory related issues. 


Benefits For The Skin


  1. Bergamot essential oil is indicated where stress has impacted the skin, causing imbalances. The regulating effect of this oil can be very beneficial in this instance.


  1. The aroma of Bergamot essential oil is a welcome change from the medicinal smelling oils often used in skincare. 


  1. Offers various properties which can help support skin health, such as being antiseptic, astringent, which is useful for oily skin and hair and excessive perspiration. Also with deodorant properties. 


  1. Offers a supportive role with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

Bergamot Blends For Skincare

bergamote essential oil benefits for diffuser skin oil blend

This blend of essential oils work well in combination to help support the condition of the skin.


Tea Tree

Meleleuca alternifolia


Tea Tree essential oil is a well known skincare oil. For very good reason. It is indicated for use with the whole range of skin conditions and infections, such as athlete's foot, wounds, oily skin, bites and stings and much more. These are due to its aromatherapeutic properties which are all beneficial to skin health.



Pogostemon cablin


Patchouli essential oil is a great skincare oil and similar to Bergamot and Tea Tree oils, it helps support a wide variety of skin complaints, due to its useful skincare properties. 


Bergamot Essential oil Side Effects and Safety Precautions

  • Do not use essential oils internally
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and away from animals
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Use appropriately diluted
  • Use these oils in dilutions less than 3%, 1% for facial use
  • Follow the guidance of the diffusing bracelet when administering your essential oils and avoid contact with the undiluted essential oils on the skin.
  • If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant/ breastfeeding or unsure of suitability in any way, then please consult with your medical professional before using essential oil. 
  • Use bergapten-free bergamot, (FCF) or do not use in concentrations of more than 2 drops in 25ml of carrier oil if applying to the skin within 12 hours of subsequent exposure to sunlight or sunbeds. 
  • Use Ylang Ylang essential with caution if prone to headaches as its intense odor can trigger an attack in those prone to odor triggered headaches.
  • Eucalyptus globulus essential oil is toxic internally. Do not use with infants and children. May antidote some homeopathic remedies.
  • Tea Tree - skin sensitization possible with some individuals.

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