Clarity Gemstone Affirmation Beads


This mix of clear and opaque gemstones in natural colors is reminiscent of the glitter of sea glass. And they go with absolutely anything! The crystals in this set—clear quartz, white jade, and labradorite—can be used for clearing the mind of negativity and crystallizing thoughts, creativity, and inspiration.

Each set of Affirmation Beads features 3 dainty natural gemstone bracelets to use with daily affirmations and essential oils.

  • Small, round gemstone beads strung on elastic cord
  • Gold or silver plated brass accent beads and charm
  • One size fits most- 17.5 cm when unstreched
  • Place a drop of oil on your palm and roll the beads between your hands while setting your intentions for the day.

Gemstones included in the Clarity Set
White Jade- healing, blocks negative energy
Labradorite- inspiration, mental sharpness
Clear Quartz- energy, amplifies intent

    Find your perfect fit:

    Our bracelets are meant to be worn flush against the wrist to prevent excess stretching. They will naturally stretch with wear.

    • Snug fit - use your wrist measurement as your bracelet size
    • Comfort fit - add 1 cm to your wrist measurement

    Fit recommendations by bracelet style

    • Classic Diffusers- Snug or Comfort fit
    • Studded Diffusers- Comfort fit, size up if in-between sizes
    • Hexagon + Gemstone Diffusers- Adjustable sizing ranging from extra small to large
    • Affirmation Beads + Beaded Sets- One size fits most stretch bracelets

    Find your wrist measurement

    1. Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or piece of string (even dental floss will work) just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.
    2. Use a centimeter ruler to measure the length of the string. This is your wrist size.
    3. Now, take your wrist size and add a centimeter and apply it to the chart below. This will be the comfort fit, or if you prefer a snug fit order the same size as your wrist measurement.

    Apply Fit Preference and Wrist Measurement to Size Chart

    The chart below reflects the length of the bracelet

    Adult Extra Small - 16 cm
    Adult Small - 17 cm
    Adult Medium - 18 cm
    Adult Large - 19 cm

    Small is the most frequently ordered size.


    Gently spot clean all products with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not soak or machine wash, as it will damage the faux suede. Failure to follow instructions will damage the product. Darker colors may bleed when wet. Make sure to remove before showering or water-related activities

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