Feelings Collection


These bracelets have real, genuine, beautiful, tiny pieces of the earth [aka gemstones] on them alongside faux suede which acts as a diffuser when you apply 1-2 drops of your fave oil to it! All my favorite things in one bracelet.⁠

⁠We heard that you had a hard time choosing which crystal you needed or should wear, so we made the feelings collection. A super easy [and fun!] way to choose which bracelet to wear.⁠ If you're having a hard time choosing a favorite, check out this BLOG post. 

Choose from the following options for your one size fits most adjustable bracelet:

Focus • Clear Quartz
Diffuse Lemon + Rosemary
Love • Rhodochrosite ⁠
Diffuse Ylang Ylang + Orange⁠
⁠Happiness • Citrine⁠
Diffuse Grapefruit + Geranium⁠
⁠Motivation • Labradorite⁠
Diffuse Peppermint + Basil⁠
⁠Energy • Garnet⁠
Diffuse Orange + Nutmeg⁠
⁠Stress • Amazonite⁠
Diffuse Lavender + Cedarwood⁠
Calm • Amethyst⁠
Diffuse Frankincense + chamomile⁠
⁠Confidence • Sunstone⁠
Diffuse Lemon + Neroli⁠

  • Features 4mm round gemstone beads on a flexible wire
  • Diffusing faux suede band
  • Slide bead for adjusting size
  • Bracelet extends out to 9"
  • Gold, silver and rose gold plated brass accents
  • Add a drop of your favorite oil directly onto any part of the suede to diffuse essential oils for hours

Gently spot clean all products with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not soak or machine wash, as it will damage the faux suede. Failure to follow instructions will damage the product. Darker colors may bleed when wet. Make sure to remove before showering or water-related activities

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